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Laboratory Use Clean Bench

Laboratory Use Clean Bench


A few days ago, our company exported several clean workbenches to Bangladesh. Today, I will talk about what clean workbenches are and what they are used for.

The clean bench is a box-type air purification equipment that can provide a local dust-free clean, aseptic working environment and a local operating environment. And the polluted air in the work area can be controlled artificially through a special filter channel to avoid harm to people and the environment. It can maintain performance parameters such as wind speed, air cleanliness, noise, vibration and lighting in the work space under working conditions to meet the requirements of laboratory use. It is widely used in biological laboratories, medical and health, biopharmaceutical and other related industries, and it is necessary to improve the process conditions, improving product quality and yield have good results.

The clean workbench is mainly composed of cabinet, fan, primary filter, high efficiency filter and power supply. The working principle of the clean workbench is to suck in the air through the fan, and filter it through the high efficiency filter through the static pressure box. The filtered clean air is sent out in the state of vertical or horizontal air flow, so that the operation area can continuously reach a certain degree of cleanliness under the control of the clean air, so as to form a sterile and high-clean working environment.

According to the airflow mode, the clean workbench can be divided into a horizontal laminar flow clean workbench and a vertical laminar flow clean workbench. The airflow mode of the work area of the horizontal laminar flow clean bench is horizontal laminar flow. The airflow mode of the work area of the vertical laminar flow clean bench is vertical laminar flow. Vertical laminar flow clean benches can be divided into single-sided vertical laminar flow clean benches and double-sided vertical laminar flow clean benches according to different operating modes in the operating area. The single-sided operation clean bench is for people to work on one side, and the double-sided clean bench is for people to work on both sides.

Our workbench has the following advantages:

1. Low cost, high quality

2. High cleanliness, can be customized according to requirements

3. Very easy to install

4. High reliability and versatility

5. After-sales protection is very comprehensive

Our company has been engaged in clean equipment for many years. If you are interested in our clean benches, please contact us and look forward to your inquiry.

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