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Fan Filter Unit Usage In Clean Industry

Fan Filter Unit Usage In Clean Industry


The FFU fan filter unit is a clean equipment that connects the fan and the air filter together and can provide its own power. Used in medical applications such as electronics, pharmacy, food, bioengineering, medical treatment, and laboratories.


The fan sucks in the air from the top of the FFU and filters it through the primary and high efficiency filters. The filtered clean air is sent out at a uniform speed across the entire air outlet. In room ceiling the fan filter unit as a terminal filter device. The material have two option: galvanized plate and stainless steel 304 box.


The fan filter unit has the following advantages:

1.Adjustable wind speed operation, extremely low operating cost.

2.Adopting special air duct and uniform air system design, low noise and uniform wind speed.

3.It is light in weight and adopts cover-in installation method, which is more convenient for installation and maintenance.

4.It can implement computer remote voltage transformation, frequency conversion and speed regulation control.

5.Wear resistance, high and low temperature, life span is more than 80,000 hours

6.The installation of equipment is very convenient and easy to maintenance.


How to choose a suitable fan filter unit?

Fan filter unit have 3 standard size with different air volume: 1175*575mm(2×4 feet), 575*575mm(2×2 feet), 1175*1175mm(4×4 feet). It can work independent or tandem use.


The fan filter unit widely used in mushroom cultivation, modular clean room and other clean workshop. In mushroom cultivation 300*300mm dimension is a special custom model. The voltage can be customize as customer country standard 220V or 110V.Apply to ISO5-ISO9 cleanliness clean room.


The FFU fan filter unit can be equipped with primary and high-efficiency two-stage filters. When the customer build modular clean room, it’s wise to set a primary filter on top first which will protect the HEPA filter extend service life.


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