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How To Build Class III Operating Room

How To Build Class III Operating Room


Our project in Magnolia complete construction in May of this year. The second project from client is under negotiating.


To build a operating room first require a detail layout drawing. Engineer need to calculate the total area and plan the panel size, quantity. At each order we always bring extra spare panels to client.


The operating room system have several parts: wall and ceiling system, HVAC and air duct, lighting appliance, floor, door and operating room device.


Operating room wall and roof panel have two option. Normal fireproof sandwich panel and operating room special use panel. Compare the two material operating room special use panel have higher standard, the total cost is higher than normal.


The choose of operating room door is strictly and require good air tightness. Automatic sliding door is a good option. The sliding door can be design Radar, button or pedal. Pedal type is widely use in operating room, because it’s more convenient and less contact with people.


The ceiling design LED panel light, in this project the room type is surgical operating room. With the pendant tower as the center, the LED lights are installed around.


The scope of surgery applicable to different levels of clean operating rooms is as follows:


Class I special clean operating room: suitable for aseptic surgery in joint replacement surgery, organ transplant surgery and brain surgery, heart surgery, gynecology and other operations;


Class II standard clean operating room: suitable for thoracic surgery, plastic surgery, urology; hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, orthopedic surgery, egg retrieval and implant surgery, and a class of aseptic surgery in general surgery;


Class III general clean operating room, suitable for general surgery (except for the first type of surgery), obstetrics and gynecology and other operations;


Class IV quasi-clean operating room, suitable for anorectal surgery and contaminated operations.


Our customer have very professional installation team. Only one week the installation work finished. Nearly all of the step they finished by themselves and reach perfect effect. 


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