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Recently, a special salesperson appeared in our company, her name is Alice.

Her position in our company is an operation staff. Her idea of doing sales has only recently begun to sprout. After she found out that she had this idea, she immediately told our boss, and then the boss suggested at the meeting that it is a good thing to dare to meet the challenge by herself, and said that if Alice has any business difficulties, she can find him.

However, Alice did not rely too much on our boss. She has also put a lot of effort into molds and tablet press products. While not delaying her own work, she through her own efforts, signed a series of orders. This is the spirit advocated by our company. As long as you think and act, one day you will succeed.

The products she focuses on are tablet presses and molds. Our tablet presses are mainly used to make tablets, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, coffee tablets, etc. The molds can be customized with patterns. Our tablet presses are mainly used to make tablets, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, coffee tablets, etc. And the rotary tablet press can be selected according to your needs. The single-punch tablet press has a small output and is suitable for small-scale production. It is often used in laboratories. The rotary tablet press has a relatively large output and is mostly used for product mass production.

With her unremitting persistence, her sales level has gradually risen. If you are interested in our tablet press machine, you must contact us, you can first find out the output, the diameter of the tablet, the thickness of the tablet you want. Alice is very good at molds and tablet press products, you and her can be very good friends, After becoming friends with Alice, you can also discuss with Alice how to balance work and life and other topics.This is the people who work hard in our company. It's tells me a reason, hard work will eventually reap. It is also a kind of ability to be a shining self in ordinary days. Maybe you have not succeeded now, maybe you are feeling confused now, don't be sad, don't be anxious, happiness is coming quietly, in the process of your accumulation, in the process of your thinking.

The above is the whole content of our news. Welcome your inquiry sincerely.


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