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A Day As An Intern Work In International Engineering Company

A Day As An Intern Work In International Engineering Company


Today is Monday, and we have started a new week of work after two days of rest. In the morning, I opened my eyes and I saw some short videos shared by colleagues in the group, about how to improve myself and so on. This is our corporate culture. Let's get better together without leaving behind. When we arrive at the company, we first turn on the computer and remember what we did last week. Then update products on our other websites. In addition to the official website, we also have online store on Made in China and Alibaba.com.


9:30 is our working time, most companies are 8:30. Our company adopts humanized management, not only to avoid traffic jams in the morning peak, but also give us more time to rest. When we arrived at the company, the morning meeting began. We raised problems and resolved them. After the morning meeting was over, we started our day's work. The salesperson is responsible for discussing the business, and the auxiliary staff is responsible for assisting the salesperson.


12:00 is the lunch break. Our company has a microwave oven to heat up the food or to buy food downstairs. The coffee machine and juicer can also be prepared. After eating, we can have a leisure and entertainment. The company's entertainment facilities are complete. There is a dart board for dart games, and table football adds some competitive fun. We can even go upstairs to experience the fun of archery.At 13:30, the lunch break is over. At this time, come with a cup of coffee and a few sugar cubes. The bitterness of the strong coffee contains the sweetness of the sugar cubes. It instantly refreshes my spirit and makes me more energetic in the afternoon work.


18:00 is off work time. My work for this day is almost at the end. But maybe not off work at six, because our company often lives on Alibaba. If you are interested, you can visit my colleague and me in our broadcast, as an intern, I feel very honored to have such an opportunity, our company often take us out to travel, go to the beach to watch the sea, go to the villa to barbecue, and go hiking, I feel very happy.


If you are interested in our company's daily life, please pay attention to us. We will continue to publish company daily and do some updates on the official website. We look forward to your attention and forwarding!

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