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Container House ≠ Prefab House

Container House ≠ Prefab House


With the development of today's society, the mobile house market is facing great demand. With the gradual increase in the number of inquiries, we found that most customers do not understand the difference between container houses and prefab houses. So today I will take you to understand the similarities and differences between the two houses.

The current mobile house market mainly includes two categories of products: container houses and prefab houses, and these two products have a large number of applications all over the world. Both the container house and the prefab house belong to the prefabricated house. They have many points in common. They are all made of steel structure as the main material. After being processed in the factory, they are transported to the construction site for assembly and construction, more suitable for use in construction sites, camp projects and other places.

They all have the characteristics of good wind resistance and earthquake resistance, strong ability to adapt to the terrain and environment. But the ancients said: "Gentlemen are harmonious but different." There is also a certain difference between prefabricated houses and container houses.

1、Installation process is different

The installation sequence of the container house is to weld the bottom frame first, then weld the entire house frame, then weld the walls and ceilings, lay the floor, install doors, windows, water, electricity, etc.

The construction process of the prefab house is to first build the foundation (usually a reinforced concrete foundation), then make the main frame of the prefab house. First, the columns are installed, and then the frame is connected by transverse beams. Install partitions, external wall panels, and door and window frames; then lay the floor, install the roof truss and roof panel, install the doors and windows, and pull the vertical supports.

Relatively speaking, the installation process of the container house is simpler and has a unified integrity, and the rigidity of the prefab house is better.

2Connection method is different

The entire frame of the container house is welded with steel. It is very strong and will not fall apart. It is more wind and earthquake resistant than the prefabricated house. The wall and ceiling are welded and fixed to the frame of the house, such a structure is not easy to fall apart, and the wall panels will not peel off and leak.

The main body of the prefab house is mainly connected by bolts. During the installation process, the screws of various parts should be tightened to avoid the house falling apart due to the loosening of the screws after the installation. The partitions and wall panels of the prefab house are inlaid and installed on the main body of the house.

3Installation method is different

The container house can be hoisted by the entire container without using concrete as a foundation. It can be installed in 3 hours, the water pipes and wires are fixed and hidden in the wall, can be operated after it is connected to the power supply. The installation of the prefab house needs to use concrete as the foundation, erect the main body, install the wall, hang the ceiling, set up water and electricity, which takes a long time.

4Application aspect is different

The container house is more comfortable and user-friendly for people and office. The rooms can be added or removed at any time, which is very flexible. The prefab house is fixed and formed after installation, and the number of rooms can’t be temporarily increased or decreased.

5、Moveable is different

The container house does not need to be separated when moving, the items in the room can be accompanied with the container, and it can be pulled away directly on the transport truck. The disassembly and assembly of prefab houses are scattered, and the possibility of secondary utilization is small.

Through the comparison of various aspects, container houses are more convenient and faster, better to transport, prefab houses are cheaper, and market recognition is higher.


You can choose according to your needs, if you have any other questions, welcome to ask, we will be online all day and answer your questions.

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