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Why More Customer Choose Us?

Why More Customer Choose Us?


Why more and more customers choose us?Because of our professionalism, reliability, integrity, conscientiousness, responsibility, and responsibility, we treat every customer with a beginning and an end, treat every customer with seriousness and responsibility, and help customers solve all problems related to clean room engineering and pharmaceutical machinery production lines.


In the pharmaceutical machinery industry, we have rich experience. Every machine and equipment purchased by customers will have a quality inspection department to review them one by one before leaving the factory, ranging from a small screw to a whole project, every step is meticulous, carefully inspected to ensure that it can be used directly, safe and reliable when it is delivered to the customer. For some larger equipment, we will also arrange professional computing personnel to go to the customer's factory to assemble and debug on-site for customers. , until the machine is running smoothly and stabilized, our personnel will not leave.


So far, our mechanism machinery equipment and supercritical extraction equipment, TDP series tablet press, ZP series tablet press, distillation production line, purification production line, are operating in customer factories all over the world, production, 100% favorable rate.


Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd. has 15 years experience in clean room engineering, and has completed 500+ projects around the world.


All materials of clean room engineering include: clean walls, clean room ceilings, aluminum alloy connectors, clean steel doors, CCC clean glass windows, PVC floors, LED lights, high-efficiency air outlets, HVAC units, HVAC ducts , HVAC duct insulation, HVAC duct hangers, UL CE certified cables, switches, electrical control boxes, FFU, stainless steel furniture, laboratory furniture, particle detection instruments.


If you also want to cooperate with us, please contact us and look forward to your inquiry.


Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co.,Ltd.




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