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What is the basic process for clean room staff to enter and exit the clean room?

What is the basic process for clean room staff to enter and exit the clean room?


Q:What is the basic process for clean room staff to enter and exit the clean room?

A:In order to maintain the cleanliness of the dust free clean room, the number of people entering the clean room should be minimized. When entering and leaving the clean room, follow the sequence in (Figure 1).

↓ Indicates the direction to enter the clean room,

↑ indicates the direction to leave the clean room

Basic Process

The office or control area from the foyer to the clean room should be replaced with clean room shoes. All personal clothing items are placed in the designated cabinet and changed into the designated clothing. Take off your shoes and put them in the shoe locker before entering the locker room. Change clothes in the changing room according to the order of cleanliness level, and put them in the specified wardrobe. Wash your hands with a hand sanitizer in the grooming room. The hand sanitizer is supplied with clean washing and clean water appropriate to the cleanliness of the clean area.

cleanroom cabinet

Hand-washing requirement

Hands are the medium of cross contamination and should be washed frequently. Do not touch high purification products and high purification packaging materials with your hands, and wear gloves and finger covers according to regulations. The switch of the hand washer valve should be pedal type, wash with clean detergent first, and then rinse with clean water. Wash and dry with an automatic hand dryer.


Suit-changing requirement

When changing clean work suit (including hats, clothes, etc.), dress in the prescribed order. When there is an air shower, remove the pollutants attached to the surface of the human body and suits with clean air flow in the prescribed order, and then enter the clean room.

When entering the clean room, the personnel shall first remove the clean work suit from the special cabinet for personal clean work suit or the storage place. If the clean work suit is not opened, it is necessary to carefully cut the packaging and take out the clothing, without touching the packaging material debris. When wearing suit, do not make the it touch the floor, table chairs and other items, do not stain the sleeves and trouser legs, the posture should be maintained upright, from the top to the bottom order of dressing, if necessary, must be set up a special dressing table. When wearing a hood and hat, the hair should be fully covered, and the head should be tightly wrapped in the hood until the zipper of the side body type clean work suit. When wearing shoe covers, the pant leg should be swung tightly wrapped in the shoe cover, the shoe cover is long to the ankle, and the shoe cover should not slide down from the leg.

clean room door                 

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