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Warmly Welcome Saudi Arabia Customers To Our Factory For Inspection

Warmly Welcome Saudi Arabia Customers To Our Factory For Inspection


On July 23,2021,two customers came to our company's Suzhou office and factory to inspect the goods. 

The customer discussed the engineering technical details with us, came to our company's conference room, and visited the pictures of our company's development process on the wall of the conference room.Our company has done more than 500 clean room projects all over the world,which is an enterprise that upholds every project with heart.We provide customers with technical explanations and talk with them cordially.

After the conversation, a group of us came to the company’s model room,where there are many products of our company,such as clean panels,doors, windows,led light, FFU, hand dryers, transfer windows, laboratory furniture, etc., customers carefully checked our goods quality.

Then the customer came to our factory to carefully inspect the goods, personally feel the scale of the factory.The goods temporarily stored in our factory include weighing room, air shower room, transfer window and so on. The customer studied the negative pressure environment of the weighing room and knew this machine how to works.

Due to the epidemic, many foreign customers cannot go abroad to visit our offices and factories, but our company upholds the principle of attentiveness and dedication, and we will guarantee the quality of the goods, so that customers can rest assured and let us rest assured.




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