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Ultrasonic Bottle Washing Machine

Ultrasonic Bottle Washing Machine



Hello Everyone, Welcome To: (Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd.).

Today I Will Introduce You a Very Successful Machine,

KCSB Ultrasonic bottle washing machine


KCSB Ultrasonic bottle washing machine suit for antibiotic mould made bottle, tube made bottle, oral liquid bottle, ampoule under 100ml and etc. It can also be produced according to client’s special request. Bottle: Meet GB2640, GB2641 request.

This machine is very popular in the market; there are a lot of characteristics compared with other bottle washing machine.  


1.Easy feeding bottle: The bottle feeder will transfer the bottle automatically, so only need to put bottle on the bottle feeder in the bottle washing machine

2.High speed washing: The bottle will be washed during it pass the trail in the washing machine, and also the speed can be adjustable, so the washing speed is very fast. Suit for large batch production request factory.

3.Low broken rate: when the bottle pushing force is stronger than bottle arrangement wheels, the arrangement wheels will be slip automatically, so it can prohibit breaking the bottle during washing process.

4.Easy operation: The operator can run the machine easily after short time training.

5.High reliability: The machine adopt all the imported or JV electronic parts to make the machine have a very stable performance during work.

6.Clean: There will be no brush dropped into bottle during washing because it has no brush structure, at the same time, it has high effective water steam filter device to keep washing water clean enough.

7.Less water consumption: The back working procedure’s water will be used again for front working procedure, so it can save a lot of clean water.


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