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Multihead Weigher Packing Machine

Multihead Weigher Packing Machine



Multi head metering packaging machine system is composed of vertical automatic packaging machine, multi head scale, Z-type feeding elevator, working platform, coding device (optional), conveyor belt (optional), etc. Also known as multi head combined weighing and packaging machine. It is suitable for packaging puffed food, fruits and vegetables, candy, biscuits, quick-frozen food, melon seeds, fried goods, seeds and other granular materials.

Equipped with safety protection, meeting the requirements of enterprise safety management.

The intelligent temperature controller is used to control the temperature accurately; The package sealing is beautiful and smooth.

PLC control servo motor double pulling or single pulling film structure is adopted, and motor automatic deviation correction device and super large display touch screen are adopted for sealing and cutting positions to form the drive control core; The control accuracy, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine are improved to the maximum extent.

The machine and metering configuration can automatically complete all the packaging processes of metering, feeding, filling and bag making, date printing, inflation (exhaust), and date printing, and automatically complete counting.

A fault display system is provided to help eliminate faults in time.

It can be made into pillow shaped bags and hanging hole bags according to customer needs.


1.High precision data-type weighing sensor realizes precise weighing.

2.Liquid crystal screen operating system in multiple languages such as Chinese and English, etc.

3.IP65 grade water-proof and dust-proof design. It’s clean and sanitary with all stainless steel parts. Full sealed design

prevents accumulation of material and facilitates cleaning.4.It can fine the opening and closing speed of hopper door according to

the features of items to be weighed, and prevent crushing and blocking of material.

5.With powerful digital automatic counting function, it can record the index for each batch of product such as total bag number,

pass rate and difference of single bag, etc.

6.Optional devices: triply balance ball, suction hopper, printing device, tolerance sorting device.


Features and Characteristics

1. The packaging system consists of a rotary packing machine, a work platform, an electronic scale,z-bucket elevator.

2. Fast and stable performance

3. Waterproof system makes cleaning easier. Color touch screen display, easy to operate.

4. Provide an innovative solution at a reasonable cost.

5. The machine adopts premade perfect-pattern pouch, with high-quality sealing.


Block: chocolate, candies, cereal, biscuits, cakes, puffed food, etc

Granule: nuts, capsules, seeds, feeds, pesticides, fertilizers, etc.

Powder: seasoning, milk powder, washing powder, fine sugar,etc





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