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Type Of Clean Room Air Conditioner

Type Of Clean Room Air Conditioner



In order to maintain the required temperature, humidity, wind speed, pressure, cleanliness and other parameters in the clean room, the clean air conditioning system will continuously send a certain amount of treated air into the room to eliminate all kinds of heat and humidity interference and dust pollution inside and outside the clean room.


The clean air conditioning system basically consists of the following equipment


1. Heating or cooling, humidification or dehumidification and purification equipment;

2. The air conveying equipment and pipeline that will send the treated air into each clean room and circulate it;

3. Provide heat, cooling capacity, heat source, cold source and pipeline system to the system.


Clean air conditioning systems are generally divided into three categories:

1. Centralized clean air conditioning system: the purification air conditioning equipment required for single or multiple clean rooms in the system are concentrated in the machine room, and clean air is distributed to each clean room through air supply pipes.

2. Distributed clean air conditioning system: purification equipment or purification air conditioning equipment shall be set separately in each clean room in the system.

3. Semi-central clean air conditioning system: in this system, there are both centralized clean air conditioning room and air treatment equipment scattered in each clean room. It is a combination of centralized processing and local processing.

People usually name the system according to the cleanliness of each clean room in the system, such as the 100-level purification air conditioning system and the 1000-level purification air conditioning system. Sometimes it is also divided into high-efficiency air purification system, sub-high-efficiency air purification system and medium-efficiency air purification system according to the nature of the final filter of the system.


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