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The Importance Of Choosing The Right Clean Door

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Clean Door


Clean door is an important part of clean room, suitable for the use of frequent access of clean area personnel and new GMP standards need to add buffer door. A good clean door can tightly seal the space, retain clean indoor air, discharge polluted air, so as to save a lot of energy. Today we will talk about the "clean door" which is very important for clean rooms.


Clean room to meet the corresponding level of cleanliness, in addition to the design, purification and air conditioning equipment and the corresponding construction guarantee, the use of good air tightness clean door (currently commonly used is color steel door) is also the focus, then, what kind of purification door can have better air tightness? What details can ensure that the door is airtight for longer? This is what we clean people need to pay serious attention to.


In addition to considering the surface level of the door, the thickness of the door plate, air tightness, cleaning resistance, Windows, anti-static surface, of course, also includes good quality accessories and good after-sales service.


To check whether the doors and Windows have good air tightness, we can see where the door leaks, the joint part must be the easiest to pass through the air, so we mainly pay attention to the following:

(1) the combination between the door frame and the door fan: as long as the door fan can be closed to meet the door frame; When checking, you can check the way the sealing rubber strip is fixed in the door frame. The scheme of card slot is far better than that of glue bonding.


(2) the combination of door and ground: compared with the combination of door and door frame, it is much more difficult to ensure the air tightness between the door and the ground. Only by choosing a sweeping strip at the bottom of the door can we ensure the air tightness of the clean door. The sweeping strip is actually a clamping structure of sealing rubber strip, can quickly identify the open and close state of the door body. Once the door body begins to close, the sealing rubber strip is firmly attached to the ground, preventing the air at the bottom of the door from entering and leaking out.


(3) The role of sealing rubber strip: the clean door uses high density and high elasticity rubber strip, especially the pursuit of high quality effect will also use silica gel strip. This kind of rubber strip has great elasticity and high anti-aging degree. It has good shrinkage and rebound effect when the door body is opened and closed. Especially when the door is closed, the rubber strip can rebound quickly after being squeezed and fill the gap between the door fan and the door frame, greatly reducing the chance of air circulation. The usual useful life is very long. And the purification door using inferior sealing rubber strip may only have a very short life after the installation of the door, and the rubber strip is easy to lose airtight ability because of aging.



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