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The Four Core priorities of the Modular Clean Room

The Four Core priorities of the Modular Clean Room


Clean rooms are the basis of pollution control, without which pollution-sensitive products cannot be mass-produced. To obtain a good cleaning effect, not only to focus on the adoption of reasonable air conditioning purification measures, but also requires the process, construction and other professionals to take corresponding measures; not only to have a reasonable design, but also carefully meet the specifications of the construction and installation, as well as the correct use of modular clean room and scientific maintenance management. There are four core priorities of cleanroom:

  • Fresh air cleanliness

To ensure that the air supply cleanliness meets the requirements, the key is the performance and installation of the final stage filter of the purification system. It is generally a high efficiency filter or a sub-high efficiency filter.

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To ensure the cleanliness of the air supply, only qualified filters are not enough, but also to ensure that: a. Safe transportation; b. Strict installation. It is required that the personnel are well trained. In addition, the installation, for a single filter using open-mounted type; For the tuyere with multiple filters, liquid tank seal and negative pressure seal are often used in recent years.

  • Air flow

The following principles should be considered in the design of air flow organization: reduce eddy current and avoid introducing contamination from outside the working area into the working area; The air flow in the working area should be as uniform as possible, and the wind speed should meet the process and health requirements, and the dust in the air should be effectively taken away when the air flow to the return air outlet. According to different cleanliness requirements, choose different supply and return air modes.

  • Supply air volume or wind speed

According to the national standard Clean Workshop Design Standard for Pharmaceutical Industry, the number of air exchange requirements for different levels of clean rooms are: class1000 clean rooms: not less than 50 times/hour; Class 10,000 clean room, not less than 25 times/hour; Class 100,000 clean room, not less than 15 times/hour.

  • Static pressure difference

This parameter is essential for maintaining air flow in the clean room, preventing the spread of contaminants, and maintaining cleanliness.

Here are some important points about the static pressure difference in the clean room:

  1. The pressure difference between different levels of clean rooms should not be less than 5 pascals (Pa).

  2. The pressure difference between the clean area and the unclean area should not be less than 5Pa.

  3. The pressure difference between the clean area and the outdoor area should not be less than 10Pa.


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These specifications require that the air flow in the modular clean room is correct, that outside contaminants are prevented from entering, and that cleanliness is maintained.

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