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The Essential Parts for the Cleanroom Environment——Cleanroom Clothes

The Essential Parts for the Cleanroom Environment——Cleanroom Clothes


In production processes with high cleanliness requirements, such as precision machining, bio-pharmaceuticals, semiconductor manufacturing, food processing, genetic engineering, a single particle may affect the final product quality. In addition to instruments and equipment, there are also personnel, materials, and carts entering the clean room as sources of pollution. Among them, personnel is the largest source of pollution, with about 80% of micro pollution coming from the human body, mainly including micro dust generated by human metabolism, fibers, and microorganisms on personnel's clothing. To effectively control human pollution sources, wearing cleanroom clothes has become the most effective method for clean room workers. The quality of cleanroom clothing is crucial for the cleanliness of the controlled environment.

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Cleanroom clothing, also known as dust-free clothing, is a type of protective clothing specifically designed for clean spaces. It is usually made of fiber materials and has functions such as anti-static, antibacterial, and dustproof. It is generally divided into conjoined, split, hat-wearing, non-hat-wearing, shoe-wearing, and non-shoe-wearing styles. The earliest cleanroom clothing appeared in the electronic manufacturing industry and has been continuously improved with the development of the electronics industry. In the 1950s, scholars in Western countries began to conduct systematic research on clean room clothes. It was not until the 1960s that people gradually became widely aware of the impact of fine dust on product stability and yield, and through source analysis, it was found that the human body is one of the main sources of micro pollution entering high-level clean rooms. They began to pay attention to the cleanliness performance of cleanroom clothing. At present, cleanroom clothing has been widely used in fields such as electronics, biology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare to block personnel from bringing pollutants into the outside world, while also protecting personnel from toxic and harmful substances in the environment to a certain extent. The establishment of high-level clean rooms means that the demand for cleanroom clothing is increasing. The indicators and testing methods related to cleanroom clothing should also be developed and improved synchronously with the progress of productivity.

The cleanliness performance of cleanroom clothing is divided into two aspects: dustlessness and dust filtration. The dustlessness of cleanroom clothing refers to the fact that the clothing itself cannot become a source of pollution in the cleanroom, and does not emit fibers and rebounding dust from the clothing surface to the outside world. cleanroom clothing is generally composed of synthetic fibers. Compared to ordinary cotton and blended fabrics, synthetic fibers have lower dustiness and can minimize the generation of fine fibers and other fine dust caused by friction during processing and use. In addition to being dust-free, cleanroom clothing should also be able to effectively prevent the human body from emitting dust into a controlled environment, known as dust filtration.

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Cleanroom clothing is an important barrier to preventing the emission of dust from the human body, ensuring product quality, and ensuring the cleanliness of clean rooms and related controlled environments. Suzhou Pharma Machinery is a skilled purification engineering company, and we are committed to relying on the rich experience in the purification industry to provide customers with products and professional solutions. There is a perfect sales and after-sales network, 7*24 hours quick response. Looking forward to cooperating with you!


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