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Technological progress for the development of clean room construction

Technological progress for the development of clean room construction


1 The development of network software changes the clean room

In the past, the design drawings could only be drawn by hand with pen and paper, which is very troublesome and error-prone. It takes a lot of time and space to draw and accumulate experience. If you need to change it, your blood pressure will soar, and the entire drawing needs to be redrawn and changed. , With the popularization of CAD, these shortcomings have been solved. First of all, the labor intensity is reduced, the design work is efficient and the design results are reused. Secondly, there will be no various stains like manual drawings. The surface is clean, and the accuracy of the drawings It is also improved, and the final data storage is convenient. The graphics and image files made by CAD software can be directly stored on the floppy disk and hard disk, and the data storage and transfer are extremely convenient. You can burn your design project to disc and the data will be kept for at least 50 years. But there are still shortcomings. The advantage is that his two-dimensional paintings are very convenient, but the three-dimensional paintings are somewhat lacking. Therefore, we use 3D software for further modeling to achieve unseen objects, see the model demonstration first, and let customers understand the demonstration after construction. If they are not satisfied, they can quickly modify and debug, and solve problems during design. It is far easier to solve than during construction. In the future, we will continue to research and improve our 3D modeling, and use a virtual engine to replace the modeling environment of Guangzhutu, so that you can experience your products immersively. Respect Please look forward to it. Our official website is


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