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FAQ Tips For Clean Room Installation

FAQ Tips For Clean Room Installation


There are many accessories in the clean room project, such as clean room wall system, electrical accessories, door and window structure, air shower, pass box and so on.

As we all know, different products in different industries have specific requirements for clean rooms. Today we answered the questions that customers care about.


What’s the window size we can choose?

The window height have two standard size 1000mm,2000mm, the width standard is 980mm, the width and height both can be customize as customer requirements.

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What are the different type of wall and ceiling?

There are four types in common use: middle aluminum structure(handmade type), four negative structure, aluminum frame structure, tongue groove structure.

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Can we change the location of a separating wall afterward? (Is it modular?)    

Yes, the location can be changed, but the structure couldn’t fix by glue. The wall panels is modular design, like assemble the “LEGO”

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Whether the panel can pass through customer electric wire?

Yes, we will prepare the pipe tube for electric wire in some panels, customer just mark which panels will need for the electric wire pipe.

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Is it to get from the ceiling down to the electrical outlet?

Wall panel electric wire pipe direction from bottom to ceiling(top).We will leave the pipe(tube) in the position, and electric direction should be from the point to the ceiling, and customer electric outside input from ceiling to connect. And we will leave the electric tube panels as standard panels size, and in the future, customer just need to change position and just change, it’s very easy.

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Does air shower is necessary equipment in cleanroom?

For GMP standard cleanroom, air shower is necessary clean room equipment. People should pass the air shower to blowing first after they change professional anti static cleanroom suit.


If the cleanroom area is limited, what’s the smallest air shower dimension?

The standard size air shower is single person, the smallest size can be customize 1200*1000*2100mm, with double side blowing, two door electric interlock system.


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