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Technical Parameters Of Fast Rolling Door

Technical Parameters Of Fast Rolling Door



Hello everyone, welcome to: (Suzhou  Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd.) Today, I will introduce to you a product of the company (technical parameters of fast rolling doors)


PVC transparent window, thickness 1.5mm, can also be used as fully transparent door curtain; power system: high-frequency motor and reducer integrated device, 220V/380V, 50HZ, IP55, power 0.55KW-6.5KW, low noise, with power off Brake, manual brake release; control system: all adopt PLC and frequency converter of international famous brand, with stable performance, the application of frequency conversion technology greatly improves the service efficiency and life of the product, the delay closing is adjustable, the interface is complete, and the A variety of auxiliary equipment is connected externally, and the stroke is controlled by a rotary encoder imported from Germany, which is accurate, stable and durable; structural material: 2.0mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate forming column at one time, seamless roller and 1.2mm thick cold plate box cover, aluminum oxide Profile horizontal reinforcement bar, multi-row brush seal; opening and closing speed: 0.5m/s-1.5m/s; standard configuration: imported infrared protection device, control bucket and auxiliary switch, warning light, manual crank and anti-collision Column; optional configuration: geomagnetic ring (imported from Belgium), commercial or industrial radar, safety air sensor (imported from Switzerland), grating, infrared, remote control or manual pull rope, etc.


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