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Introduction To The Structure Of Fast Rolling Shutter Door 2

Introduction To The Structure Of Fast Rolling Shutter Door 2



Hello everyone, welcome to: (Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd.) Today, I will introduce the company's products to you, about the structure of the fast rolling door.


The fast rolling door can meet the needs of high-performance logistics and clean workshops. Its main function is to quickly isolate air convection to ensure the dust-free air quality of the workshop. It has the functions of heat preservation, moisturizing, dustproof, windproof, sound insulation, and anti-odor. With the increase of domestic product quality requirements, fast doors have become an important pillar industry of the industrial door industry.


1. Top structure: The transmission mechanism of the fast soft curtain door (fast rolling door) is installed in the cabinet on the top of the door opening. The cabinet is made of 2mm thick galvanized steel plate. Reel bearings, drive motors, mounting bases and mounting holes for components of the balance system, and the surface of the steel plate is sprayed with plastic to the color required by the customer. The reel is installed in the case and consists of a reel, shaft end, bearing seat and so on. The size of the reel is calculated according to the height and width of the door opening, and a reasonable size is selected. On this door, the diameter of the reel is 219mm.

2. Guide box: The guide box is made of galvanized steel plate with a thickness of 2mm. It stands on both sides of the door opening and is fixed on the wall. The chassis is placed on the top of the guide box and fixed with the guide box and the wall by bolts. The two sides of the guide groove of the guide tank are fixed with sealing wool strips to ensure certain sealing requirements. At the bottom of the guide tank about 1m above the ground, the installation position of the infrared monitor is reserved. The guide box is treated with plastic spraying and has the same color as the chassis. The brush inside the guide channel is against the curtain to prevent the curtain from detaching from the guide slot. In this way, when the car hits the door, the door curtain will break away from the guide slot, thereby preventing the door body from damage.

3. Cord: The cord is made in sections, and the height of each section is about 700mm. Each section of the cord is connected into a whole cord through a special aluminum wind-resistant strip. The thickness of the cord is 1.2mm, which has the advantages of high strength, impact resistance, and not easy to puncture. . δ=2mm transparent PVC material can also be used to make the cord or part of the transparent PVC material can be used to make the cord so as to observe the situation on both sides of the soft curtain door. There is an aluminum bottom beam at the bottom of the cord and the anti-collision soft bag cord. The top is fixed on the drum with screws and beading.

4. Driving device: The rotating shaft of the soft curtain door is directly driven by the deceleration motor, and the reducer with different speed ratios is selected according to the requirements of the lifting speed to achieve the required lifting speed, and the fastest speed can reach more than 80cm/s. The control circuit adopts frequency conversion control, so that the curtain can start slowly and stop slowly when it is running, and can make the curtain stop automatically when it is in place, and stop moving during operation.

5. Control: The soft curtain door is equipped with a control box, which can be operated "open", "stop" and "close" in the control box, and control buttons can be set on the other side of the control box to operate "open", "stop" and "close". . Remote control operation and radar detection or geomagnetic induction automatic door opening and closing can be selected according to needs. Infrared monitoring devices are installed on both sides of the door opening. When an obstacle passes through the door opening during door movement, the curtain movement will stop or return to the open state.


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