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Tablet Looseness Of Common Faults Of Tablet Press-10

Tablet Looseness Of Common Faults Of Tablet Press-10


In the process of using the tablet press, some users will report that the pressed tablets are loose. Today, I will introduce to you the solution after the tablet looseness occurs in the use of the tablet press

10. tablet looseness

Fault condition:

Insufficient helium content of tablets, loose and fragile, delamination, etc

Cause of failure:

(1) insufficient pressure

(2) improper batching and granulation

Fault prevention and treatment:

(1) pressure adjustment (i.e. adjustment of tablet hardness)

Loosen the lock nut of the connecting rod, turn the upper core punch rod to the left to move the upper core punch rod downward, then the pressure will increase and the hardness of the extruded tablets will increase; On the contrary, turning to the right will reduce the pressure and the hardness of the tablets. After adjustment, use a wrench to clamp the hexagon at the lower part of the upper punch rod, and still lock the connecting rod locknut. At this point, the adjustment of the die is basically completed, and then the motor is started for pressure test of more than ten pieces to check the weight, hardness and surface finish of the pieces. If they are qualified, they can be put into production. During the production process, the quality of tablets must still be checked at any time and adjusted in time.

(2) reprocess the medicine


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