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SP-310 Tablet Powder Remover

SP-310 Tablet Powder Remover



1、 Introduction

SP-310 tablet powder remover is developed to remove electrostatic dust absorbed by tablets pressed by tablet press. Its design is matched with the high-speed tablet press, which can be applied to any type of tablet press, and can also be used as the output equipment for tablets of various shapes. The utility model has the advantages of high output, high powder removal rate, low noise, convenient use and maintenance, and the best effect when used with a dust suction or blowing device! It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, and its performance indicators have reached the level of similar products abroad.

2、 Main technical parameters

3、 Main features

1. Compliance with GMP design

2. Double screen structure is adopted to effectively separate tablets and dust

3. The screen adopts V-shaped design, which can polish the tablets more effectively

4. Amplitude and speed are continuously adjustable

5. Simple operation and maintenance

6. Stable operation and low noise

4、 Disassembly instructions

When the screen tablet is replaced with another one, all parts of the machine must be cleaned. The disassembly sequence is as follows: (1) Loosen the top compression nut (2) Remove the top cover (3) Remove the upper screen (4) Remove the hood (5) Remove the rubber ring (6) Remove the lower screen (7) Loosen the shaft (8) Remove the tray (9) Remove the dustpan (10) bellows.

The assembly sequence is opposite to the disassembly sequence, and the following points shall be noted during reassembly:

(1) The outlet of the lower screen must be connected with the clean discharge channel (installed at the dustpan mouth)

(2) When installing the upper screen, the lowest screen must be rotated clockwise for about 10mm to face the lower screen.

(3) The tablet inlet of the top cover shall be opposite to the outlet of the uppermost layer of the upper screen (i.e. tablet inlet).

(4) The top hold down nut must be tightened.




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