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Selection And Management Of Appliances And Equipment

Selection And Management Of Appliances And Equipment



The dirt accumulated in the cleaner must be removed regularly, especially in rainy or humid weather; The sticky mat must be replaced or regenerated regularly, or the thin layer of dirt on the surface must be removed regularly, and the wet mat must be cleaned daily; The faucet of the hand washer should be pedal type, not hand twist type; Liquid detergent, skin cream, hand dryer or paper discarded after use in a small amount in the clean room; The worktable and chair shall be made of materials with less dust, such as aluminum with proper surface treatment or plastic with good quality. If possible, it is better to use stainless steel; The clean room workbench and grid structure should be as simple as possible; The edges and corners of the furniture should be rounded, and the legs and feet should be covered with rubber or plastic sleeves; The height of the equipment cabinet should be easy to clean the top surface by hand, and the drawer should be equipped with less wear ball; The truck shall be made of stainless steel, hard plastic or steel and aluminum alloy with proper surface treatment; Inspect, replace and record the filters at all levels according to the specified content and cycle.

Personnel entry and exit instructions All personnel entering the clean area and clean room must follow the prescribed purification route and procedures, and shall not change without permission; You must change into special slippers to enter the clean area, and you must change into special canvas shoes to enter the clean room; The outer clothing and clean work clothes are stored in separate cabinets and floors. The personnel entering the room shall not enter the dressing room of the clean room without taking off the outer clothing; Before entering the clean area, wipe the slippers on the cleaner (pad) or wet pad; At the entrance of the clean area, if there is an air shower room, the personnel entering must pass through the shower room; After entering the clean area, you must wash your hands at any time as needed, and then change into work clothes; The washed hands are being dried with a clean dryer or wiped with a paper towel with less hair dust; Wash your hands after changing into work clothes, and do not operate cleaned parts, products and packaging materials with bare hands; Wear clean gloves or fingertips before entering the clean room for operation; After washing hands, wear canvas shoes and pass on the shoe cleaner (pad); Do not wear clean work clothes to the toilet (except for clean toilets).



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