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Fan Filter Unit Introduction

Fan Filter Unit Introduction



Fan filter unit, also known as FFU, is a self-powered filter and purification device, which is mainly a terminal purification device composed of fan and high-efficiency filter.


Its main working process is:


The air (fresh air) is treated by the air conditioning processor to the required state point, and then sent to the static pressure box for mixing with the return air. After being pressurized by the FFU fan, it is sent to the clean room after being filtered by the HEPA or ULPA; The original old air is sent back to the dry coil through the raised floor or side wall. After cold (hot) treatment in the dry coil, it is sent back to the static pressure box by the return compressor, which completes the air filtration cycle of the whole clean room.


FFU's unique features:


1. Modular equipment, position can be adjusted as required

Because the wall panel of the clean room is arranged according to the module of the ceiling grid, and because of its special node structure, the wall panel of the clean room can be adjusted at any time to change the layout of the room, so as to meet the production requirements of the workshop.

Therefore, when the room layout is adjusted, the cleanliness requirements of a certain site can also be met by adjusting the position of the fan filter unit.

FFU is a modular purification equipment with its own power. It is not limited by too many places. It can adjust its position or increase or decrease its quantity at any time to ensure the cleanliness requirements of a site. This is what the previous centralized air supply system cannot achieve.


2. Even and stable air outlet

The special air circulation channel and the design with the flow equalization system are selected, and the air outlet speed is uniform and stable.

Compared with the previous centralized air supply system, the problem of unbalanced air volume at each air supply outlet is avoided.


3. Computer control, significant energy-saving effect

The number of air ducts in the FFU system is very small. In addition to the need for fresh air to be transported by air ducts, a large number of return air is operated in a small circulation way, which greatly reduces the resistance of air ducts and thus reduces consumption.

Moreover, since the FFU's surface wind speed is generally uniformly output at 0.45 ± 20%, the resistance of air passing through the filter becomes smaller.

The fan power of FFU fan filter unit is very small, and most of them use high-efficiency AC motors. At the same time, the shape of fan impeller has also been improved, and the material is mostly made of aluminum alloy to prevent dust generation again, greatly improving its comprehensive efficiency.

Compared with the traditional centralized air supply mode, FFU air supply filter can save more than 40% energy effectively.

Therefore, although the cost of FFU system is relatively high in the initial stage, it can be well saved in the later maintenance and energy consumption.


4. Shorten the construction period

Because the air supply system of FFU fan filter unit does not need huge supply and return air ducts like centralized air supply, it is very suitable for the reconstruction project of some clean rooms with tight floors, and the main reason is that there is no need to make air ducts, so the construction period of production and installation is greatly shortened.

For enterprises, it is possible to select FFU to shorten the construction period and bring benefits from rapid commencement.


5. Negative pressure ventilation

Since the FFU fan filter unit can provide static pressure, its supply plenum chamber is negative pressure relative to the clean room, and the particles in the supply plenum chamber will no longer leak into the clean area under the pressure.

Therefore, even if the tuyere is installed incorrectly and there is a leakage problem, it is also leaked from the clean room to the supply plenum, which makes the sealing easier and safer.


6. Ventilation

This is its unique feature. Because it can provide static pressure, the supply plenum is relatively negative pressure relative to the cleaning plant. In this way, the particles in the static pressure box will not leak into the cleaning area under the pressure, making the sealing very simple and safe.



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