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Influence Of Clean Shed Factors

Influence Of Clean Shed Factors



Hello everyone, welcome to: (Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd.), today I will introduce the company's products,

Clean Shed, a clean room that can be quickly and easily assembled.


Influencing factors

There are many factors that affect the airflow in the clean shed, such as process equipment, personnel, clean room assembly materials, lighting fixtures, etc. At the same time, the diversion point of the airflow above the production equipment should also be considered.

Generally, the air flow distribution point on the surface of the operation table or production equipment should be set at a distance of 2/3 between the clean room space and the partition wall, so that when the operator is working, the air flow can flow from the inside of the process area to the work area, and the The fine dust is taken away; if the split point is arranged in front of the process area, it will become an improper air flow diversion. At this time, most of the air flow will flow to the back of the process area, and the dust caused by the operator's operation will be brought to the back of the equipment. As a result, the Taiwan will be polluted, and the yield rate will inevitably decrease.

Obstacles such as work tables in the clean room will have eddy currents at the joints, and the cleanliness near them will be relatively poor. Drilling return air holes on the work table will minimize the eddy current phenomenon; assembly Whether the material selection is appropriate and whether the equipment layout is perfect are also important factors for whether the airflow becomes a vortex phenomenon.

The fan sucks in the air from the top of the FFU, and filters it through the primary filter and the high-efficiency filter. The filtered clean air is sent to the clean room at a uniform speed of 0.45m/s±20% on the entire air outlet surface. A uniform flow layer is formed to make the clean air flow in a vertical one-way flow, thus ensuring the required cleanliness in the working area.

Clean shed is a simple clean room that can be quickly set up. It has the characteristics of fast installation, short construction period, low price, and convenient movement. It is also the best choice for clean room design to control the main production process in a smaller environment.

Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd. has completed more than 500 purification projects around the world, especially clean room projects. It has many years of rich experience in solving all essential air problems for global customers.

With the continuous growth of the company, we have built a purification engineering model room covering an area of 600 square meters in the Suzhou company headquarters, providing customers with visits and inspections at any time, bringing customers a new experience and letting you feel our professionalism.


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