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Requirements For Lighting In Clean Rooms

Requirements For Lighting In Clean Rooms



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In recent years, the biomedical industry has shown a rapid growth trend worldwide, which provides more opportunities for human health and disease treatment, and also puts forward higher requirements for the lighting of the production environment.


The manufacturing process of biomedicine needs to be completed in the clean room, and the clean room technology is based on air filtration. Different levels of clean rooms need different air flow organization methods and different specifications of air filters. Therefore, when designing the lighting of clean rooms, it is necessary to consider that the appearance and structure of lamps should meet the requirements of clean rooms.


1. The shape of the lamp shall not accumulate dust, and the shape of the lamp must be designed into a streamlined structure according to the requirements of fluid mechanics. The surface shall be free of any bulge, depression, gap and segment difference, which is also the visual difference between the clean room lamp and the general space lamp.


2. The structure of the lamp cannot block the airflow. Therefore, the traditional lamp is designed to be embedded, that is, the lamp is installed in the ceiling of the clean room, but there are many problems. Opening holes in the ceiling will not only generate high construction costs, but also reduce the mechanical strength of the roof, and there will be gaps between the lamp and the roof opening. Where possible, the lighting design of the clean room shall avoid embedded structure, and the thin panel structure shall be preferred for direct ceiling installation. Considering the influence on air flow, it is recommended that the thickness of the lamp be controlled within 15mm, or the arc frame structure should be adopted.


3. The surface of the lamp shall be smooth and even, without absorbing dust, and can be satisfied by anti-static treatment. For the space requiring biological cleaning, the surface of the lamp should also be able to prevent bacteria. Microbes can not breed after falling onto the surface of the lamp. For this reason, the surface of the lamp shall be made of water repellent materials, which cannot form a solution environment where microorganisms can survive.



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