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Medical Laboratory Cleanroom Decoration Requirements(2)

Medical Laboratory Cleanroom Decoration Requirements(2)


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Fifth, laboratory safety facilities to improve

Medical laboratory cleanroom decoration requires complete safety facilities, such as emergency showers, eye washers, fire extinguishers, etc. These facilities should be located in an easily accessible and identifiable location so that they can be used quickly in case of an emergency. In addition, safety warning signs and emergency evacuation instructions should be set up in the laboratory to remind personnel to pay attention to safety and evacuation.

Sixth, the laboratory noise control should be reasonable

Noise control requirements for medical laboratories cleanrooms are reasonable. Laboratory equipment, ventilation systems, etc. may produce noise, and measures need to be taken for sound insulation and noise reduction to maintain the noise level in the laboratory in accordance with the relevant health standards.

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Seventh, the laboratory power supply to be stable and reliable

The electricity supply for medical laboratories needs to be stable and reliable. The equipment and instruments in the laboratory need a stable power supply to operate normally, so the design and construction of the power system should meet the relevant safety standards to ensure the safety and stability of the power supply equipment.

The professional decoration requirements of medical laboratories cleanroom involve laboratory structural design, ventilation system, decoration materials, lighting, safety facilities, noise control and power supply. Reasonable and scientific decoration can improve the working efficiency and accuracy of experimental results, and ensure the safety and health of experimental personnel. Therefore, in the process of medical laboratory decoration, it is necessary to design and construction in strict accordance with the relevant requirements to ensure the quality and safety of laboratory decoration.


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