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Lubrication And Maintenance Method Of Tablet Press

Lubrication And Maintenance Method Of Tablet Press


In the pharmaceutical industry, single punch tablet machine can be said to be an essential processing equipment, which is usually used to suppress all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine tablets, western medicine tablets and so on.

Due to its excellent performance, strong adaptability, easy to use, easy maintenance, small volume, light weight, and the ability to manually rotate the tablet when there is no electricity, the single stamping tablet machine can meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry to suppress various Chinese and Western drugs, and is deeply welcomed by the pharmaceutical industry.

For users, because they have to deal with the single stamping machine every day, they need to understand the structure, operation method and other aspects of the single stamping machine in order to use and maintain the equipment more scientifically and reasonably. The tablet press needs regular lubrication and maintenance because of its large workload. The following table briefly introduces how to lubricate and maintain.   


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