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Introduction To The Structure Of Fast Rolling Shutter Door 4

Introduction To The Structure Of Fast Rolling Shutter Door 4




Hello everyone, welcome to: (Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd.), today I will introduce the company's products, and the precautions for the use of fast rolling doors:

1. Fast rolling doors are important fire protection measures for fire compartments and fire partitions in public places. It is a fire protection product with comprehensive mechanical and electrical functions, so the installed fire shutter should always be in a normal state.

2. During the use of the fast rolling door, the special equipment should be used and kept by a special person, and have certain basic knowledge of electrician and machinery.

3. During the operation and use of the fast rolling door, the operator is not allowed to leave the operating place without authorization, and should pay close attention to the opening and closing status and execution status. No one is allowed to stand or walk under the rolling shutter when opening and closing. In order to prevent the limit switch from malfunctioning, the roller blind stuck, the motor blocked and other accidents.

4. A regular maintenance system should be established for fast rolling doors, and the maintenance records of each rolling shutter should be well documented and archived.

5. Roller shutters that have not been opened and closed for a long time must be maintained once every six months. The content is to remove dust, paint, and lubricate the sprocket roller chain of the transmission part.

6. Once abnormal conditions are found during the use of the fast rolling door, emergency measures should be taken immediately to cut off the input power and troubleshoot.


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