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If You Have Any Questions About The Clean Room And Air Conditioning

If You Have Any Questions About The Clean Room And Air Conditioning


Today is the fourth weekend of February 2022. According to the previous plan, we have conducted 7 live broadcasts this week. On Alibaba's platform, we have completed the plan very well. We will conduct more live broadcasts next week. Now there are some changes in the content of live broadcasting. The main form of live broadcasting has become the real-time reception mode. While using videos and pictures to show our clean room and related products, we have increased the real-time communication between customers and us in the live broadcasting room. As long as customers have a dialogue with our host, we will reply to our customers immediately. We have many years of design and commissioning experience here. We can immediately give professional and quick answers to the questions raised by customers, such as the design of clean room drawings, the selection of clean room materials, the functions and selection of air purification equipment, how to install the clean room, what tools need to be prepared for installation, and prepare and arrange enough installation personnel and materials in advance. In addition, our HVAC engineers can give professional answers to customers at any time, such as the selection of air conditioning type in clean room, how to install air conditioning unit and air duct system, problems needing attention in the commissioning process, maintenance and repair of air conditioning compressor unit in the later stage, etc.


If you have any questions about the clean room and air conditioning, you are welcome to our live broadcasting room for on-site real-time communication, so that we can better and faster solve problems for you and provide high-quality services! Let's look forward to the wonderful live program next week.

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