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How To Select Weighing Room(I)

How To Select Weighing Room(I)


Negative pressure weighing room is a very common local purification equipment, which has been widely used in pharmaceutical and microbiological research and cleanrooms. The weighing room is mainly used for the proportioning and weighing of drugs, subpackaging of powder and reagents, which can control the overflow and rise of powder and reagents, prevent the inhalation hazards of powder and reagents to human beings, avoid the cross contamination of powder and reagents, and protect the external environment and the safety of indoor personnel.


The selection factors of negative pressure weighing room are as follows:


Determination of operation area

The specific area of the operation area should be determined according to the actual situation, for example, how many operators, weighing scales, buckets, the size of buckets, and the feeding method should also take into account the height of the workshop.


Temperature and humidity control methods and requirements

The temperature and humidity parameters are based on the process requirements, and generally don’t control if there are no special requirements. If the area of the operation area is>3 m2 and the continuous use exceeds 3h, the temperature control shall be considered in the design. There are usually two methods for temperature control: water coil cooling and air cooling.


Illumination and noise requirements

When selecting the model, the illumination of the negative pressure protection device is usually not less than 300 Lx; The noise is usually not more than 75dB.


Cleanliness requirements

Some clients often think that the operation area of the weighing protection is laminar flow, so the cleanliness should reach Grade class A. In fact, the regulations specify that the air cleanliness level in this area should be consistent with of the background room.



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