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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Clean Room

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Clean Room


Many customers often pay more attention to the price when consulting to build a clean room, but there is actually no accurate answer to this question, because there are different prices for things, and there are also high and low prices for building a  clean room, so in There is a certain difference in price. So, how much does it cost to build a cleanroom? Is there a more detailed reference value? The following is a detailed explanation for everyone on this issue, and I hope everyone will be more clear about the cost of installation.

1. The size of the clean room

How much does it cost to build a clean room? The size of the area needs to be designed according to the actual needs of users. Generally, the height of a clean room of about 100 square meters is generally designed at about three meters, and the cost is generally the basic price. If it exceeds this size, the cost will be higher, so the installation cost is subject to effect of Cleanroom Size.

2. Different grades of clean room

The cost of the overall construction is also affected by the cleanliness. The number of fan filter units required for different cleanliness levels is different. The higher the corresponding level, the higher the cost. If corresponding supporting equipment is required, such as: air shower room, cargo shower room , Clean workbench, transfer window, HVAC, high-efficiency air supply outlet, etc., the overall price will increase. Therefore, users must clarify their needs when installing.

3. First of all, what kind of clean room do you want to build, such as pharmaceuticals, laboratories, aerospace, electronics factories, medical treatment, planting, etc. We will build an exclusive clean room for you based on some information you provide.

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Of course, before establishing a clean room, the following conditions must be met:

1. Whether the construction site is an earth building or a steel structure, the height of the site, the basic plan drawing, with dimensions, and whether there are earth building walls or supporting columns on the site.

2. Clean room construction country, climate, such as temperature and humidity, outdoor changes throughout the year, and local rainfall.

3. Determine what type of clean room is, what is the indoor temperature requirement, and what is the humidity requirement.

4. The height of the production equipment, the occupied area, and the heat generated during the production process.

We must first understand the above questions in order to design a complete clean room engineering solution.

Determine the height of the civil or steel structure and the height of the clean room, and start designing the clean room layout. After the layout is confirmed, calculate all the materials, construction labor costs, and transportation costs for a set of clean rooms.

In this way, you will know how much you need to build a clean room that belongs to you.


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