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Filter For Clean Room

Filter For Clean Room



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1、 Introduction to the primary filter: the primary filter is applicable to the primary filtration of the air conditioning system, mainly used for filtering 5 μ Dust particles above m. There are three types of primary filter: plate type, folding type and bag type. The outer frame materials include paper frame, aluminum frame and galvanized iron frame. The filter materials include non-woven fabric, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter material, metal mesh, etc. The protective mesh includes double-sided plastic sprayed iron wire mesh and double-sided galvanized iron wire mesh. Characteristics of primary efficiency filter: low price, light weight, good versatility and compact structure. It is mainly used for prefiltration of central air conditioning and central ventilation system, prefiltration of large air compressor, prefiltration of clean return air system, prefiltration of local high efficiency filtration device, high temperature resistant air filter, and stainless steel frame. This efficient filter is commonly used for primary filtration of an air conditioning and ventilation system, and is also suitable for simple air conditioning and ventilation systems that only require one level of filtration.

The outer frame of the primary filter structure filter is composed of a solid waterproof board, which is used to fix the folded filter material. The diagonal design on the outer frame can provide a large filtering area, and make the inner filter material closely adhere to the outer frame. The filter is bonded to the outer frame with special professional adhesive around, which can prevent air leakage or damage caused by wind resistance pressure. The outer frame of disposable paper frame filter is generally divided into ordinary cardboard frame and high-strength die cutting cardboard, and the filter element is a single side metal mesh lined with pleated fiber filter material. Beautiful appearance. The structure is sturdy and durable. The general cardboard frame is used to manufacture non-standard filters, which can be used in the production of filters of any size, with high strength and no deformation. High strength molded cardboard is used to manufacture filters of standard specifications, characterized by high specification accuracy and low aesthetic cost. If imported surface fiber or synthetic fiber filter materials are used, their performance indexes can reach or exceed the same production of imported filter materials. The filter material is folded into the high-strength cardboard, and the windward area is increased. The dust particles in the incoming air are effectively blocked between the folds by the filter material. Clean air flows out evenly from the other side, so the air flow filter is gentle and uniform. Depending on the filter material, the particle size blocked by it is from 0. five μ M to 5 μ M The filtration efficiency varies with each other!

2、 Overview of medium efficiency filter Medium efficiency filter belongs to F series filter among air filters. Application of medium efficiency filter in industry: mainly used in intermediate filtration of central air-conditioning ventilation system, pharmaceutical, hospital, electronics, food, and other industrial purification; It can also be used as the front filter of high efficiency filtration to reduce the high efficiency overload and extend its service life; As the windward side is large, the air dust volume is large and the wind speed is low, so it is considered to be the best medium efficiency filter structure at present.


Medium efficiency filter features

1. It captures 1-5un particulate dust and various suspended solids.

2. Large air volume.

3. Low resistance.

4. High dust capacity.

5. It can be cleaned repeatedly.

6. Type: frameless type and framed bag type.

7.  Filter material: special non-woven fabric or glass fiber.

8. Efficiency: 60%~95% @ 1~5um (colorimetric method).

9. Maximum operating temperature and humidity: 80 ℃, 80%.


3、 The high efficiency filter is mainly used to capture particulate dust and various suspended solids below 0.5um. It is made of superfine glass fiber paper as filter material, offset paper, aluminum film and other materials as partition board, and glued with wood frame aluminum alloy. Each set has been tested by the flame absorption method and is characterized by high filtration efficiency, low resistance and large dust capacity. The high efficiency air filter can be widely used in the air supply terminal of clean air purification workshops in optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instruments, beverage and food, PCB printing and other industries. High efficiency and ultra-high efficiency filters are both used at the end of the clean room. They can be divided into high efficiency filters with baffles, high efficiency filters without baffles, high efficiency filters with large air volume, and ultra-high efficiency filters. In addition, there are three kinds of high efficiency filters, one is super high efficiency filter, which can purify 99.9995%. One is an antibacterial non partition high efficiency air filter, which has an antibacterial effect and prevents bacteria from entering the clean workshop. The other is a sub high efficiency filter, which was cheap and used for cleaning space with low requirements before.


Let's talk about Selection of primary/medium/high efficiency air filter next time.   Thank you~




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