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FAQ-What Are The Requirements For Supercritical Fluid Devices

FAQ-What Are The Requirements For Supercritical Fluid Devices


What are the requirements for supercritical fluid devices?

1. Hygiene requirements

The use of supercritical CO2 fluid to extract materials is often used in food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries. The supercritical fluid device should meet the requirements of various health regulations for food and pharmaceutical production.

2. Anti-fatigue performance

When pressure vessels are subjected to alternating loads, fatigue failures are likely to occur in high-strain regions where plastic strain occurs, such as the roots of nozzles. Therefore, the extraction kettle is required to have good fatigue resistance.

3. Temperature control requirements

The operating temperature has a great influence on the solubility of the supercritical fluid, and endothermic or exothermic phenomena often occur during the extraction process, which destroys the temperature balance in the extraction kettle. Therefore, a temperature control system is required in the supercritical fluid extraction device. At present, in most cases, circulating water is introduced into the jacket to ensure a constant temperature in the extraction kettle. This method is simple and easy to implement, but the effect is not good; By means of circulating water, this method can reduce the heat transfer resistance and improve the temperature control effect in the extraction kettle, but the structure is complex, easy to block and the flow of circulating water is limited; it is also possible to place elbows such as coils in the extraction kettle. etc. to achieve the purpose of controlling the temperature, but this method cannot be used in occasions where it is more restricted by the operation process.

4. Compact structure

When designing the extraction kettle and extraction device, on the premise of satisfying the strength, try to make the container structure as compact as possible, reduce the space and area occupied by the equipment installation, and reduce the cost of production hardware.

5. Safety Requirements

The supercritical fluid device involves high-pressure operation. Therefore, when designing the supercritical fluid extraction device, it is necessary to fully consider the safety performance of the operating components in each link, so as to prevent safety accidents caused by unscientific design as much as possible.

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