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Difference Between FFU And Laminar Flow Hood

Difference Between FFU And Laminar Flow Hood



The full English name is fan filter unit, and the Chinese name is fan filter unit.

FFU can be used in modular connection. FFU is widely used in clean rooms, clean worktables, clean production lines, assembly clean rooms and local class 100 applications.

FFU is equipped with primary and high-efficiency two-stage filter screen. The fan sucks the air from the top of FFU and filters it through primary and high-efficiency filters. The filtered clean air is sent out at a uniform speed of 0.45m/s ± 20% on the whole air outlet surface. It is suitable for obtaining high-level clean environment in various environments. It provides high-quality clean air for clean rooms and microenvironments of different sizes and cleanliness levels. In the new clean room and clean plant renovation, the cleanliness level can be improved, the noise and vibration can be reduced, and the cost can be greatly reduced. It is easy to install and maintain. It is an ideal component for a clean environment.

Large area use provides a clean environment, which is mostly used at level 100 or higher. Generally, the floor is required to be an elevated floor with return air duct, and the cleanliness of a lower level should be ensured around this level. The cost is high


Laminar Hood

Laminar flow hood is a kind of air purification equipment that can provide local high clean environment. The utility model is mainly composed of a box body, a fan, a primary air filter, a damping layer, a lamp, etc., and the shell is sprayed with plastic. The product can be suspended and supported on the ground, with compact structure and convenient use. It can be used singly, or multiple connections can form a strip-shaped clean area. Laminar flow hood is used to form a uniform flow layer after passing the air through the high-efficiency filter at a certain wind speed, so that the clean air flows vertically and unidirectionally, so as to ensure that the cleanliness in the working area meets the process requirements. There are two kinds of clean laminar flow hoods, namely, fan internal installation and fan external connection. The installation methods are suspension type and floor support type. The laminar flow hoods are used to equalize the pressure of the damping layer after passing the air through the high-efficiency air filter with a certain air pressure through the fan. The clean air is sent into the work area in a vertical laminar flow, thus ensuring that the work area meets the high cleanliness required by the process.

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