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Unstable Tablet Weight Of Common Faults Of Single Tablet Press Machine-11

Unstable Tablet Weight Of Common Faults Of Single Tablet Press Machine-11


Many customers will encounter the problem of large difference in the weight of extruded tablets during use. Here we will analyze the causes of the whole problem and solutions.


11. unstable tablet weight

Fault condition:

Too large difference in  tablet weight

Cause of failure:

(1) the lower punch fastening screw is loose, and the lower punch is raised to feed the filling amount.

(2) the butterfly screw is loose, the adjusting wheel rotates, and the filling amount is changed

(3) particle tightness and uneven size

(4) Poor material fluidity.

(5) For smaller tablets, materials with larger particles shall be selected.

(6) The feeding hopper is blocked, which often occurs in drugs with strong viscosity or moisture absorption.

Fault prevention and treatment:

(1) press the lower punch to the bottom and tighten the lower punch fixing screw

(2) readjust and tighten

(3) pay attention to batching and granulation, especially when crushing and pressing the fragments.

(4)Adjust the material process to improve the fluidity of particles.

(5)Select particles of appropriate size.

(6)The feeding hopper shall be dredged, the tablet pressing environment shall be kept dry, and flow aids shall be properly added to solve the problem.


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