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Clean Room Disinfection Method I

Clean Room Disinfection Method I





Ultraviolet sterilization


Ultraviolet can kill a variety of microorganisms, including bacterial propagules, spores, viruses, fungi, mycoplasmas, etc. The ultraviolet ray used for disinfection is 200~275nm C-wave ultraviolet, and the wave band with the strongest bactericidal effect is 250~270nm. The germicidal efficacy of ultraviolet rays is directly related to the intensity of ultraviolet radiation. The ultraviolet light source used for disinfection must be able to produce radiation values that meet the national standards (when the voltage is 220V, the environmental relative humidity is 60%, and the temperature is 20 ℃, the intensity of ultraviolet rays must not be less than 70 μ W/cm2). In order to obtain satisfactory ultraviolet radiation intensity, it is necessary to put forward corresponding requirements for the glass tube, reflector and service life of the ultraviolet lamp. Ultraviolet disinfection was widely used by drug manufacturers before other disinfection methods were used. Common form: UV germicidal lamps are uniformly distributed on the ceiling of the clean room, and the surface and air are disinfected and sterilized by using the UV radiation generated by them.



It is easy to operate, convenient to manage, flexible, and can disinfect and sterilize individual rooms at any time according to production needs.



1. The ultraviolet intensity emitted by the ultraviolet lamp decreases with the increase of the use time, so the disinfection and sterilization ability is constantly weakened.

2. The ultraviolet ray penetration is weak, easy to be blocked by production equipment, and dead corners appear, affecting the sterilization effect.  

3. Ultraviolet sterilization is greatly affected by relative humidity. When the relative humidity in the clean room is>60%, its sterilization effect is significantly weakened. When the relative humidity is>80%, it should not be used.  

4. The ultraviolet radiation energy is low, which can only kill the microorganisms directly exposed to it. Therefore, the disinfected parts must be fully exposed to ultraviolet radiation.  

5. The distance from the surface of the object exposed to ultraviolet radiation should not be more than 1.50m.




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