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Clean Bench

Clean Bench


Product need working under a clean condition, which requires the product to have a air filter system. This requires that the equipment must have a hepa filter. At the same time, we make the clean bench positive pressure and no leakage after long-term use, so as to ensure the products and operation. The safety of the working environment, and with high-efficiency non partition filter to achieve the cleaning effect.

High strength stainless steel plate with thickness of 2.0 mm is used to ensure stable operation of the equipment. Large glass windows are used in front of the equipment to facilitate customers to observe the real situation of internal products.



1. With laminar flow cleaning system

2. With sterilization system

3. Cleanliness class B

4. The material is stainless steel 316/304

5. With UV germicidal lamp

6. Working space for two persons


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