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Wide Selection Of Cleanroom Doors

Wide Selection Of Cleanroom Doors


There are many options for cleanroom doors, starting with the size of the door: single door, double door, custom sizes.

Single door sizeDouble door siz

Clean room doors are classified by function: swing doors, sliding doors, rolling shutter doors.The color of the door can be customized according to the needs of customers. The most used colors in clean rooms are blue, green and yellow, which meet the aesthetic standards in clean room design.

news-Wide Selection Of Cleanroom Doors-PHARMA-imgSwing door
news-PHARMA-imgSliding door
news-PHARMA-Wide Selection Of Cleanroom Doors-imgRolling shutter doors

Other accessories include: tempered glass panels, mechanical door contacts, electronic interlock system, hidden hinges and closures integrated into the frame.

SUZHOU PHARMA doors are used in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, electronics factories, biotechnology companies, etc. With an experienced and professional team, we have exported our products to many countries, especially in North American,Germany,Chile,Saudi Arabia,Jordan,Macedonia,Uzbekistan,Netherlands,Australia,Mauritius, Spain,Tanzania,Mauritania,etc. 

news-Wide Selection Of Cleanroom Doors-PHARMA-img-1Pharmacy cleanroom
news-PHARMA-img-1Mask production cleanroom
news-PHARMA-Wide Selection Of Cleanroom Doors-img-1PVC packing film cleanroom   

The door frame and door panel are made in one piece. The surface is electrostatically sprayed, and the entire door and door frame cannot see the seam,no solder joints,no dead ends.

The whole is flat and smooth, easy to clean, no dust accumulation.

The three sides of the door are made of high-grade rubber and plastic sealing strips, which have strong air tightness and effectively ensure the indoor purification effect. The hardware accessories are made of high-quality split fire door locks, high-quality stainless steel hinges and latches, which are durable.

news-Wide Selection Of Cleanroom Doors-PHARMA-img-2                 

The observation window is made of double-layer tempered glass, surrounded by two centimeters of black borders, and the glass is flush with the surface of the door panel.

It is not only tightly sealed, but also beautiful


The link with the building adopts special shaped fittings made of aluminium profiles, the thickness of the door is customized from 50mm to 200mm according to the thickness of the wall panel

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