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Operation And Maintenance Of V-Type High Efficiency Mixer

Operation And Maintenance Of V-Type High Efficiency Mixer


V-type mixer series products are high-efficiency asymmetric mixers, which are applicable to the mixing of powder particles with good material fluidity and small physical property differences, as well as the mixing of materials with low mixing degree and short mixing time. Since the flow of materials in the V-type mixing container is stable and will not damage the original shape of materials, the V-type mixer is also applicable to the mixing of granular materials that are easy to break and wear, or fine powder particles, blocks It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

During the operation and maintenance of V-type high-efficiency mixer, the following matters shall be paid attention to:

1. First plug in the power, then start the switch, and the machine will start.

2. When the materials are mixed well, if the discharge outlet is not in the position you need, jog it until the discharge outlet stops at the position you need.

3. Before starting the machine, check whether the electric appliance is normal and whether the cover of the mixing cylinder is tight.

4. After the work, the machine must be cleaned, especially the inside of the material barrel to prevent material residue.

5. Pay attention to add enough lubricating oil to the reducer (generally 30\mechanical oil) and lubricating grease in the transmission chain.

6. After half a year of use, it shall be maintained once, the reducer lubricating oil shall be replaced, and the electrical appliances shall be checked for aging, and the electrical appliances must be replaced.

7. If the machine is used for one year or a long period of time, a major maintenance should be carried out to check the clearance of each part of the machine and make appropriate adjustments to keep the machine in good condition.


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