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Why Install The Air Shower

Why Install The Air Shower




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The general air shower is a special channel for staff and materials to enter the clean room. The purpose is to reduce the dust and bacteria brought in when the staff and materials enter the clean room. At the same time, it plays the role of a closed room room in the air gate. It can generally be used between all dust -free rooms and clean rooms.


The air shower is to first use high -efficiency air filters to filter the airflow, and then spray from different directions to the staff and the material through different directions to remove the dust on the surface of the people and the material. Circulate it again after the initial and efficient air filters. The overall design of the air shower is combined with dynamic fluidology. It is the fully automatic infrared induction blowing, and the whole process is humanized voice prompt operation. The two -door lock is used. You cannot open the door or go out at the same time. When the air shower is working, the double doors must be closed tightly and forced blowing.


With the acceleration of industrial footsteps, some industries with high cleanliness cleanliness are also changing. People are becoming more and more sensitive to the bacteria of diseases, but now the working environment of the industry must be in a space with a high degree of cleanliness that cannot be achieved in nature. Inside, although the equipment required for some sterile -free purification projects such as the dust -free room or sterile room is now used, the biggest problem is the staff of the staff, because the staff is the biggest source of dust, so it is When the staff enters the dustless room or sterile room, it is difficult to go out of the dust and dust attached to the staff. Dust and bacteria.


The device in the air shower is generally a front filter, the main consideration, the paint mouth and the air supply fan, and the filtering efficiency of the front filter is about 15%. It is mainly to remove the relatively large dust particles, and this filtering device can be washed with water washing or vacuum cleaner; the main filter is mainly to filter the dust above 0.3um, which is basically 99.99%of the filtration efficiency, but this kind The filtering equipment department is very fragile, so when it is blocked, it is necessary to reorganize; the spraying mouth is mainly to remove the dust particles attached to the human body. The effect he wants to achieve is to peel off the particles; cycle. The high static pressure gauge is used, which is mainly used during air jet and air circulation.


Under normal circumstances, the air shower is installed at the entrance of the clean room or sterile room, and there is no gap between the clean room wall board. If you miss the air, pay attention to the installation of the equipment. Generally, the maintenance of the device in the air shower should be cleaned within a certain period of time according to the situation. For the front filter, you can wash it with water or vacuum dust. Generally, the deterioration of each month should be cleaned 2 to 3 times. If the main filter is detected 2 to 4 times a year, the clean workshop should determine whether the device should be replaced according to the wind speed value or the pressure measurement value.



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