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Top Tips For Maintaining TDP Molds And Increasing Their Lifespan

Top Tips For Maintaining TDP Molds And Increasing Their Lifespan



The correct use, installation and maintenance of TDP molds is important steps to ensure that the qualified production of tablets and increase the lifespan in pharmaceutical factory.


The cleaning tips of TDP molds


When the factory receive the molds, check the quantity firstly, then clean the anti-rust oil on the die (preferably with 95% anhydrous alcohol). It is the supplier used which can avoid the rust during the shipment. The molds need to put in order, and the punch head need proper space to avoid collide. After being cleaned, the factory should paint the food grade oil on the mold, and put them in mold box or cabinet special for molds.


Correct installation and inspection


Before installing the mold on the tablet press machine, the factory should wipe with a clean cloth , then wipe with 75% ethanol. And wait for the ethanol evaporate clearly before installing it for use. Please note that new and old molds should not be mixed.

After being cleaned, the mold surface need to be checked whether there are some marks of bumps or bruises, and need to be checked the concave surface whether have a breach. In case the mold is installed incorrectly.

The installation sequence of the round die is the middle die, the upper punch die, and the lower punch die. The installation sequence of the irregular punch is that the upper punch die and the middle die are installed together.All around clearance to be uniform,then install the lower punch die.

Don’t collide with each other during installation,when installing the middle mold. To ensure that the middle die can be installed in place, when clean the inner hole of the punching plate, special corner cleaners can be used for cleaning. At the same time, lock the locking screws of the middle die.

To avoid loosening the middle die and damaging the tablet press, after locking the middle die, check whether from the upper punching to the middle hole is smooth.


Storage and maintenance of molds


The storage of TDP molds includes mold box(plastic and stainless steel box), stainless steel mold cabinet. How to storage the molds, there are two ways: painted anti-dust oil on the surface, or immerse the mold surface all into the oil. The selection of anti-rust oil can be based on the actual situation of the pharmaceutical factory. During storage, the temperature and humidity of the room should be guaranteed to avoid rust on the pharmaceutical TDP molds. If the humidity is too high in the room, it’s better to turn on the dehumidifier to keep it dry.



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