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The Actual Issue During Clean Room Construction

The Actual Issue During Clean Room Construction


As we know the clean room construction is very important, but some misunderstanding or wrong communication will cause the actual condition changed during installation, now I will show a clean room project issue during installation.



This project happened in 2010 year, the clients are from Ethiopia, and they are one biggest water factory, the order was purchased by middle agent in local market, so when we confirm the order, we found they miss lots of important information such as the correct height of the machine inside, the actual temperature and humidity in environment, what is the exactly workshop height? But the agent do not matter or do not understand those parameters much important. So when our cargo arrived, they have big problem, the machine height is more than clean room height, our engineers do reach, and give successful solution. We ask them to use brick wall to increase the height of clean room, and then we make our wall panel on the brick wall, but the brick wall will be outside without meet clean room standard. So we use aluminum profile to cover the bottom, and use floor paint to cover the inner wall, so it can be ok. This is the only one issue, the most problem is the height of factory is more than 15 meters, so we do not get this information, and our screw pole is not too much, so we use the steel bracket to support the AHU instead of lock in the ceiling, and the project can be finished


Another important is please keep the spare screws and drill tool well, the Ethiopia staff make loss lots of screws and drills, so we have to buy from the local markets.



We will share more experience for the clean room construction, welcome to communicate with us!

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