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Ethanol Extraction Machinery Customized Clean Room

Ethanol Extraction Machinery Customized Clean Room


In February of 2019,We received the inquiry from one customer from United States.He is interested in customized clean room for ethanol extraction.

So we help him designed one project with 4 rooms.Every room with one working step.So each room attend to each room 's own duties,this can reduce the possible for them be polluted.


Our client is satisfied with this solution,but he want the room be two floors structure.

And also want the room with explosion-proof function.The first floor need be 4meter and seocnd floor be 3meter,the rooms also must be with talent ventilation effect and the waste air need be exhaust by the special use pipes.So it increases the difficulty of the whole project.


After two month repeated negotiations,We had the designed like below and all parts of the room we all customized to be explosion-proof type. Like fan motors.Lights and doors.

In June,our client think it is better the second floor with a platform and stairs,so it will be easy for him to go to second floor and loading goods.And we obeyed his willing and change the design like below,he is very happy to see it and we had done this deal then started the production.

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