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Tablet Press(1)-Temperature And Dosage Of Adhesives

Tablet Press(1)-Temperature And Dosage Of Adhesives


There are always some problems when our customer press tablets, some of which are adhesive, and I will write about the adhesive in two parts. This part describes the temperature and amount of adhesive used.


1. Temperature of adhesive

The temperature of the adhesive is the most difficult index parameter to control in the amplification production. It is almost impossible to accurately master the consistency of controlling the temperature before adding the adhesive every time. Therefore, most varieties will not take temperature as the control index, but it is found in the actual production that the starch slurry temperature has a great impact on some special varieties. For these varieties, the temperature needs to be specified. Under normal circumstances, the lower the temperature, the greater the adhesion and the lower the brittleness of tablets; The higher the temperature of starch slurry, the smaller the adhesion and the higher the dissolution of tablets. Therefore, in some processes using starch slurry as adhesive, the temperature of adhesive should be controlled.  


2. Amount of adhesive

The amount of adhesive has the most obvious impact on wet particles, so its amount is also used as an important control parameter. Generally, the larger the amount of adhesive, the higher the particle density and hardness. However, the amount of adhesive often changes slightly with the difference between raw and auxiliary material batches, which needs to be accumulated in the long-term production process according to different varieties. For adjusting the tightness of soft wood, within a reasonable range, the method of increasing the amount of adhesive is better than the method of increasing the mixing time.


The above is some sharing about temperature and dosage of adhesives. In the next issue, we will share with you the concentration and addition method of adhesive.


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