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Stainless Steel 304 Fan Filter Unit

Stainless Steel 304 Fan Filter Unit


Stainless steel SUS304 Fan Filter Unit(FFU unit) with metal structure liner, never aging. No secondary pollution, smooth surface and low wind resistance. Excellent sound insulation.

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1. stainless steel FFU Special Inlet, duct design, reduce pressure loss and noise.

2. The stainless steel FFU motor has the advantages of high efficiency, low system current consumption and energy cost saving.

3. FFU single-phase motor, providing three-stage speed, according to the actual situation can be raised or reduced wind speed and wind volume.

4. Stainless steel FFU box and high-efficiency filter adopt split design, installation, replacement high-efficiency and more convenient.

5. Stainless steel FFU fan adopt German EBM direct-driven centrifugal fan, working more than 50,000 hours.

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6. Stainless steel FFU and with energy-saving, computer centralized control, stable operation, low noise, digital adjustment and other characteristics, the whole air outlet is uniformly sent out at 0.45 m/s wind speed.

7. The stainless steel FFU is scanned by laser particle counter according to American federal standard (209E) to ensure the quality before leaving the factory.

8. Stainless steel FFU is suitable for assembly into ultra-clean production line, can be arranged as a single unit according to the process needs, but also can be connected in series to form a 100-level assembly line.


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