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Showcase about Cleanroom Sandwich Panel

Showcase about Cleanroom Sandwich Panel


This video focuses on mechanical sandwich panel and manual sandwich panel.

The mechanical clean room sandwich panel is made of two layers of color-coated steel plate as the surface layer, through the automatic machine-made plate production line machine, the steel plate is coated with adhesive glue, while the core material is manually added to the steel plate, the steel strip is embedded on both sides, and the customized size of the finished plate is pressurized, laminated and cut. The size of the mechanical sandwich panel is accurate, the performance is stable, and the quality difference between batches is small, which is convenient for large-scale construction and assembly. The production efficiency of the panel is high and the cost is controllable. Mechanized production greatly improves production efficiency, reduces labor costs, and makes the machine-made board have a high-cost performance. From the point of view of the lap method, the mechanical sandwich panel is usually lapped by a male-female joint.

Manual sandwich panel is the steel panel through the machine folding treatment, and then manually installed by the keel, manually glued, filled with the core material, and then pressed to form a customized size of the panel. Manual operation can more carefully control the details of the panel, such as texture, color, surface treatment, etc., and often can show a more delicate, natural texture. From the point of view of the lap method, the manual sandwich panel is connected by using an aluminum profile partition: The ZHONG 中shaped aluminum profile is embedded along the slot position of the panel to ensure that the aluminum and the slot are closely fitted without loosening. 

In a word, the main difference between the mechanical and manual panels lies in the production process, product characteristics, and application scenarios. The manual panel pays attention to personalization, artistry, and fine texture, which is suitable for high-end customization and artistic creation, but the production efficiency is low and the cost is high. The mechanical panel is characterized by standardized and large-scale production, has good cost performance and wide application, and is suitable for large-scale industrial production and engineering projects. Which panel to choose should be determined based on specific needs, budget, and project positioning.

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