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Shipment to Mongolia

Shipment to Mongolia


At the beginning of 2021, we ushered in the first shipment of 40 high container containers, this time it was transported by rail to Mongolia.


From the beginning of packaging, it is necessary to pack the corners of the goods tightly, in order to prevent damage to the goods when the train is turning.


When packing, when each piece of goods is delivered to the container, our factory employees must firmly fix the goods in the container with packing straps, and try to prevent the goods from shaking in the box during transportation and causing damage.


Railways also have high requirements for containers. When the containers arrive at the factory, we must inspect the containers to see if they meet the standards of railway transportation.


In addition, railway transportation also has high requirements for packing photos. After the inspection of the container is completed, there are a total of seven photos of empty, half, full, half open, fully closed, container nameplate, and sealed container, and in addition to the container nameplate , The other six photos must show the door frame and container number of the container, and the goods can only be shipped out of the country after all these photos are qualified.


Railway transportation is very rigorous. When the train is running and turning, it will generate a lot of force. If there is no fixed cargo, the cargo in the container will be thrown aside, resulting in damage. Therefore, our goods must be firmly fixed in the container from packaging to packing.

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