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Shipment to Germany

Shipment to Germany


In the case of severe epidemic situation in foreign countries, our company has completed the packing and delivery of 5 40 feet high containers by sea and 6 40 feet high containers by land in the last month of 2020, with a total of 11 containers.

In this process, we experienced shipping no space, no container and other emergencies. With the joint efforts of all of us, we all responded one by one, perfectly solved the problem, and completed the packing and delivery.

When packing, we pack the four corners of the goods with corner protectors. The goods are wrapped with a thick protective film. We try our best to protect the goods. In the long time freight, we should try to avoid breakage of goods in transit, causing unnecessary trouble.

When packing, we have foam board to fill the gap between container and goods, goods and goods. After the goods are packed into containers, we use strong packing belts to fix the goods in the boxes, ensuring the integrity of the customers after receiving the goods.

We have been recognized by customers, but also give us a high degree of praise, we from the seller buyer relationship, into a good brother.

In the new year, we can usher in new orders, with more partners, our products are sent all over the world, providing high-quality receiving experience for friends all over the world, so that they can get the best and most complete goods.

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