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2020 Delivery Summary

2020 Delivery Summary


2020 is a busy year. Throughout the year, we Suzhou Pharma has sent out 47 40 foot high containers.

 Under the influence of the epidemic, Suzhou Pharma focuses on the production of cleaning engineering, pharmaceutical equipment and other products. From production to packaging, and then to delivery, the process of operation mode, let us Suzhou code effective and fast, complete the production and delivery. We have done it, every detail has a special person to follow up, to ensure that customers receive the integrity of the goods.

 In the pre delivery preparation part, after the production of the goods is completed, the inspectors will inspect the goods and follow up the packaging process to ensure the integrity of the goods.

 At the end of the delivery period, our delivery personnel will start to prepare the information needed for delivery, and contact the freight forwarder to arrange container delivery. When packing, there are specialists to follow up the command and arrange the most reasonable position of each consignment in the container.

 Our Suzhou Pharma, in the production and transportation of goods, will put the rights and interests of customers in the first place, and then ensure that customers have a perfect service experience, but also to ensure that customers receive the goods after the use of experience.

 In 2021, we Suzhou Pharma will be more self-improvement, welcome customers and trading companies to inquire and purchase.


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