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Requirements Of Production Process And Raw Materials For Lighting

Requirements Of Production Process And Raw Materials For Lighting




1、 Requirements of production process on lighting


Pharmaceutical production is very complicated. There are many small operation rooms, as well as many changing rooms, passages and transfer windows in the clean room. These spaces are generally only a few square meters to dozens of square meters. Lighting design is required on the premise of meeting the power density limit.


①. Illumination is the basic requirement of lighting environment, but for small spaces, the room type index is very poor, which may be less than 0.5. The lighting manual even does not have a reference value for space utilization coefficient, so it is very difficult to design lighting.

②. The construction cost of the clean room in the biomedical factory is very high, which inevitably requires a high space utilization rate. At the same time, there are a large number of production equipment and instruments installed in the workshop, which also affects the space layout of the lamps. For the standard requirement of uniformity of illumination 0.7, the installation position and light angle of the lamps need to be fully considered in the design. In order to ensure a high uniformity of illumination, it is necessary to select lamps with professional light distribution in combination with the production process, and reasonably arrange the installation position of lamps.

③. Clean room workers need to work for a long time under completely closed and unnatural conditions, so they have higher requirements for light quality, including stroboscopic and glare control and photobiological safety. For the consideration of power density, direct lighting is generally adopted. The use of strong reflective surface materials should be avoided in the building. The use of surface light sources should be used as far as possible in the light distribution of lamps to reduce the application of point light sources and line light sources.

④. There are various chemical gases in the pharmaceutical production process, which puts forward explosion-proof requirements for the production space. At present, products can meet both the cleanliness requirements and explosion-proof standards.


2、 Requirements of drugs and materials on lighting

Some drugs or their raw materials have photochemical sensitivity and poor stability. They are prone to oxidation, decomposition, discoloration and other reactions when exposed to light. Especially some chemotherapy drugs can undergo complex reactions such as ring splitting, rearrangement, hydrolysis, polymerization, oxidation, isomerization and so on after dissolution. Light conditions can promote the process of the above reactions. Therefore, these drugs need to be protected from light in the process of production, transportation and storage. In the production process, according to the requirements of the process conditions, it is necessary to provide sufficient lighting to facilitate production and operation, and to prevent the reduction of the efficacy of the agent caused by light. In the selection of lighting fixtures, high energy lighting should be avoided. Generally, long wave low energy light sources can be selected.

The lamp engineers and pharmacists carried out a common research project. According to the photochemical characteristics of different drugs or their raw materials, light sources of different wavelengths were selected for orthogonal tests to find out the most insensitive wavelengths of these drugs. Then special lamps were made according to such conditions.


3、 Conclusion

The lighting of pharmaceutical industry should meet the general requirements of general lighting and have its own characteristics. The lighting designer should fully communicate with pharmaceutical scientists, pharmaceutical engineers, lamps and optical engineers to select lighting products that meet the process requirements. At the same time, lighting designers should cooperate with architects of architecture, HVAC, electrical and other disciplines to carry out lighting design under the condition of meeting the requirements of clean room conditions and space, and provide lighting environment that meets the requirements of pharmaceutical production.


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